In today's episode, Chris interviews Joel on his new book, UnDue Process: Exposing the Good, the Bad, and the Funny of the Law.

They give an overview of the book which uses hilarious legal commentary, a look at some wild attorney behavior, and a review of strange court cases to uncover the true role of the law with a dose of humor. They dig into some of the crazy stories in the book and share their own wacky experiences in their legal practices.

Additionally, Joel and Chris discuss overarching legal concepts like a lawyers' reputation for lying and how the "not guilty" plea perpetuates this idea. This brings conversations about the purpose of the law, the Supreme Court, and how the law fails us. 

Read more about the book here. It's available for purchase on Amazon now. 

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning 53:55), Joel and Chris give an overview of a handful of legal cases regarding sports fans suing for their money back after an event went awry. They talk playoffs and end of the season NFL games. They make their picks for upcoming games.

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