In this week's Debriefing the Law, Joel and Chris unpack recent and upcoming Supreme Court news. One of those cases is New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, involving a handgun licensing law in New York. The gun law requires an applicant for a concealed carry to show “proper cause” for a license. The Court will argue whether this violates the Second Amendment. Next, Joel and Chris discuss the abortion case before the Court regarding private citizens enforcing it. They also discuss the tragedy on the movie set in which Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed the director of photography of movie Rust. They discuss the culpability and whether there could be criminal charges. 

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning 22:10), they talk the legality and practice of NFL players giving away footballs during the game. Next, they talk about player crimes of falsely claiming injuries and getting reimbursed. They also discuss Roger Goodell and the NFL investigation into the work environment and culture of the NFL and the Washington Football Team, specifically in the treatment of women. Of course, no real change or findings come out of the investigation from the non-profit that is the NFL. Lastly, they cover teams moving cities and the defrauding involved.

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