In today's episode, Joel and Chris review recent legal news and Joel interviews immigration lawyer Tahmina Watson. To start the episode, Joel and Chris discuss the legal issues and trial of Jesus as a nod to Good Friday. Along the lines of religion and the separation of church and state, they also talk about a Supreme Court case about a high school football coach praying during games.

Next, Joel is joined by Tahmina Watson, an immigration lawyer, author, and entrepreneur. Joel and Tahmina cover:

- Tahmina's legal career and her journey to immigration law

- How war impacts immigration, relative to the Russia-Ukraine crisis

- Considerations for travel, visas, and relocation

- The American border crisis 

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning at minute 1:04:10), Joel and Chris talk Jackie Robinson and his introduction to professional baseball. They also talk about KU and Tom Brady.


You can find more from Tahmina here:

Tahmina's Above the Law articles




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