Today, Joel is joined by Dr. Tracy Pearson. Dr. Pearson is a legal consultant and analyst with 2 doctorates. Joel and Dr. Pearson review the Ohio v. William Husel case which deals with whether the Ohio doctor was responsible for murdering 14 of his patients for overprescribing fentanyl. Dr. Pearson breaks down the case and the flaws that resulted in a not guilty verdict. Next, they review Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard and the fascinating scenarios surrounding it, both legal and circumstantial. Joel and Dr. Pearson also discuss gender, Title IX, and sports rights. They review the legal standards that protect against discrimination on the basis of sex and how that impacts transgender participation in sports. Lastly, Dr. Pearson shares her research on implicit bias. 


You can find Dr. Tracy Pearson at the following:

Her website




Law & Crime Network



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