This week, Joel is joined by Mackenzie Smith to review recent Supreme Court happenings. Will Justice Breyer retire? Are the justices making a statement about court packing with their 9-0 unanimous decisions? Joel and Mackenzie dig into these questions as well as the major cases that the Court decided this past week. First, they get into Terry v. The United States, drug sentencing and the First Step Act, and the difference between crack and powder cocaine. Next, they get into California v. Texas and the evolution of Obamacare before the Supreme Court. They discuss what the Affordable Care Act looks like with a zero penalty mandate. Finally, they debrief Fulton v. The City of Philadelphia. This case dealt with the Catholic church and whether the city could deny working with the Catholic church in the foster care system due to its religious beliefs about marriage. Listen for an analysis of recent SCOTUS news!

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