This week, Joel and Mackenzie jump back into the legal news as the Supreme Court summer break comes to an end. First, Joel and Mackenzie address the legality of vaccine mandates. They question whether a mandate at this point is an effective solution. They also review the California recall vote for Gov. Newsom. Finally, they turn the the Supreme Court cases on the docket this week. First up is a case on illegal gambling based on a law from 1798 that allows any citizen in Kentucky to bring forth a lawsuit against the gambling institutions. Next, a man hires a hitman to kill himself and the hitman failed. Is this illegal? Who's culpable? Lastly, they discuss a SWAT team stand-off that is interrupted by a naked woman in a golf cart. 

In the Courtroom Quarterback segment (beginning at 43:20), Joel and Chris jump right into week one of the NFL. They review Aaron Rodgers' performance and his Green Bay contract.  They also dig into rivalries and conference realignment and how that has impacted game play and the sports industry.

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