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Joel Oster reviews legal happenings, Supreme Court cases and other legal news, all with a healthy dose of humor.

This episode, Joel is joined again by Amy Francis Lemanski to debrief the law this week.

It was an eventful week at the Supreme Court. Joel and Amy talk about NCAA v Alston. This case argues whether student athletes should be compensated within the NCAA. They talk about “amateurism,” the education system, and what it means to neglect to pay the players the NCAA is making millions off of. They give updates on Google v. Oracle and whether Java code can be copyright protected.

Additionally, Amy updates us on her botox experience and Joel tells about car buying adventure. 

Listen to catch up on the major SCOTUS and legal news of the week!

In this episode, Joel Oster and Amy Francis Lemanski debrief the past week in the law. First, they talk about Pennsylvania prosecutor who took a side gig of being a DoorDash delivery driver. Next, they discuss Sidney Powell and the recent Dominion defamation case against her. They cover the merits of her statements (or excuses) that no "reasonable person" would believe her statements and that she was just ranting.

Additionally, Joel and Amy discuss:

-  The recent 16 allegations again Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson

- Who owns the moon

- Supreme Court ruling on police shootings in Torres v. Madrid

- Ford's liability in car malfunction accidents based on jurisdiction 

- When police officers can enter your house without a warrant

This week, Joel is joined by Florida lawyer Charles Vega. After a career in business, Charles began his legal journey at age 57. He tells about his experience in law school and owning his own practice. He gives sage advice on what it takes to meet your goals. He also shares inside tips on his practice within real estate law so you can avoid mishaps when buying a house. 

Listen for an inspiring story and great insight from Charles.

You can find more about Charles here: 

In this episode, Amy Francis Lemanski joins Joel to debrief this week's legal news. First, she gives us insight into her matrimonial law practice (i.e. divorce law) and some of her strangest divorce disputes. They also dive into the Twitter battle that ensued between Candace Owens and Cardi B after Fox News critiqued Cardi B's Grammy performance. The Twitter feud ended with Owens threatening to sue Cardi B for defamation. Joel and Amy discuss if there's merit and the purpose of all the spectacle. Next, they discuss the political makeup of the Supreme Court and whether Justice Breyer should retire to make room for another Democrat justice under the Biden administration. Finally, they talk courtroom Zoom mishaps. 

In this episode, Joel talks with Michael Thompson about legal conspiracy theories. They discuss the missing 13th Amendment— no, not the one that ended slavery— the almost-ratified one that stated titles of nobility would revoke American citizenship. As legal conspiracy theorists might suggest, perhaps this is a ploy to rid lawyers of their citizenship for their use of the nobility title “esquire.”


Find Michael and Commonplace Fun Facts here:



This week, Joel is joined by Chris Marohn to debrief recent legal cases. They talk voting rights, including ballot harvesting and how voting laws interact with political parties. They discuss the census, districts, and election fraud. Next, they go over Tiger Woods' recent accident and the investigation into his car's "black box." They discuss whether or not there was probable cause or evidence of impairment that justifies a warrant. Finally, they talk cancel culture and the discontinuation of certain Dr. Seuss publications. 

In this episode, Joel interviews Kyona McGhee, a trademark lawyer from Detroit. Joel and Kyona talk Jesus Christ’s opinions of lawyers. Kyona shares her legal journey from having her mom arrested during her childhood to graduating valedictorian of her law school and following the demand for trademark law. Kyona gives her expertise on different trademark cases and scenarios from trademarking your own name, the word “the,” and profanity. Listen for excellent trademarking advice and entertaining stories from Joel and Kyona.


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This week, Joel interviews Joe Patrice, senior editor at Above the Law— a legal news site with irreverent commentary on current events and the legal profession. Joe shares his takes on living in New York City and his legal career path. Joel also quizzes Joe on his movie knowledge, wacky cases, and the validity of the bar exam. They debrief the Dominion lawsuit against the My Pillow CEO, Mike Lindell. Finally, they theorize on Trump’s tax records and what they’ll reveal after the Supreme Court denied Trump’s efforts to conceal the documents. 


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Above the Law: 

This week, Joel interviews Brittany Alexander, an insurance lawyer from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. In this episode, Joel and Brittany discuss all things property insurance law. They talk Brittany’s legal career, LSAT tips, and how someone gets into insurance law. They review the impact of Covid policies on business closures. They talk about how to know if you have found good homeowner’s insurance or if you’re getting scammed. 

Listen for tips and tricks on navigating homeowner’s insurance. 

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In this week's Debriefing of the Law, Joel and Mackenzie review the impeachment proceedings for Trump that occurred last week. They talk merits, the politics, and bias in the proceedings. They cover how the last week is not representative of a true legal "trial" but rather a political process. Finally, they discuss the role and protection of the First Amendment in this case. 

Also in this episode, they discuss the conservatorship of Britney Spears. They go over the types of conservators that exist, the circumstances around Britney's conservatorship, and what it all means.


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