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Joel Oster reviews legal happenings, Supreme Court cases and other legal news, all with a healthy dose of humor.

In today's episode, Joel and Chris review recent legal news and Joel interviews immigration lawyer Tahmina Watson. To start the episode, Joel and Chris discuss the legal issues and trial of Jesus as a nod to Good Friday. Along the lines of religion and the separation of church and state, they also talk about a Supreme Court case about a high school football coach praying during games.

Next, Joel is joined by Tahmina Watson, an immigration lawyer, author, and entrepreneur. Joel and Tahmina cover:

- Tahmina's legal career and her journey to immigration law

- How war impacts immigration, relative to the Russia-Ukraine crisis

- Considerations for travel, visas, and relocation

- The American border crisis 

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning at minute 1:04:10), Joel and Chris talk Jackie Robinson and his introduction to professional baseball. They also talk about KU and Tom Brady.


You can find more from Tahmina here:

Tahmina's Above the Law articles




In today's podcast episode, Joel interviews trademark lawyer Francesca Witzburg about her career journey, intellectual property, and how the law intersects with the world of NFTs. Before jumping into the interview, Joel and Chris review NCAA's March Madness.

Joel and Francesca discuss:

- What it takes to be successful in law school & beyond

- The importance of protecting your intellectual property

- How to use NFTs for your work

- The mutually-beneficial nature and potential of blockchain technology

Lastly, Joel and Chris wrap up the podcast with a brief Courtroom Quarterback segment about the opening day of the Royal's baseball season.


You can find more information about Francesca on her website here.

Instagram: @thetrademarkattorney @decentralawyer @lawschoolmastermind

Twitter: @theTMattorney


In today's podcast episode, Joel and Chris revisit the Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's confirmation hearings. They talk about the questions posed and Judge Jackson's answers, specifically around gender. Next, they dig into Justice Thomas and his wife's communication about the 2020 election and January 6th with White House chief of staff. They discuss impartiality and whether Thomas should've recused himself. Then, they discuss case Trevor Bauer v. Athletic Media Company. In this case, professional baseball pitcher Bauer accused of sexual assault sues for defamation. They also talk about a lawsuit against Seinfeld and lawyer fees. 

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning minute 41:00 ), Joel and Chris talk Bruce Arians' retirement and the NFL's overtime rules.

In today's episode, Joel and Chris discuss the March Madness that is the Senate confirmation hearings. (Don't fret, they talk NCAA March Madness too.) First, they give an update on Brittney Griner's detainment in Russia. Then, they get into the latest from the Supreme Court, including the defense of a law with questionable constitutionality. Next, they dig into the confirmation proceedings of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. They talk identity politics and the way the senators have abused the platform of these hearings. They also give a brief overview of confirmation hearings and their purpose and effectiveness (or lack thereof).

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning 38:00), Joel and Chris talk basketball and March Madness. They also talk about the Kansas City Chiefs' trade of Tyreek Hill. They talk about how the recent trades will impact future play. 

In today's podcast episode, Joel and Chris talk about the pros and cons of broadcasting Supreme Court proceedings. Next, they talk double jeopardy in the Jussie Smollett case as he is released from jail. They review why double jeopardy was introduced in this case to begin with and whether it has any standing. Then, Joel and Chris talk about WNBA player Brittney Griner being detained in Russia for alleged possession of a vape cartridge containing traces of cannabis. Lastly, they review the Senate's unanimous vote to make daylight saving time permanent. 

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning at minute 35:10), Joel and Chris talk March Madness and ESPN's coverage. They talk brackets and National Championship picks. Lastly, they talk NFL news, Tom Brady's exit from retirement, and trades.

In today's podcast, Joel and Chris are joined by Patrick Jaicomo from the Institute for Justice to discuss recent Supreme Court case in Egbert v. Boule. This case deals with the ability to sue a federal official following an instance where Boule, an inn owner, was pushed to the ground by a Border Patrol Agent, Egbert, who refused to leave the inn's grounds. They discuss the Bivens precedent and distinguish between qualifications and pathways to bring a case against a federal agent. 

Next, Joel and Chris review state secrets in U.S. v. Zubaydah and the decision issued by the Supreme Court. They also discuss a procedural case surrounding abortion and Kentucky's participation in the case. Then, they discuss war crimes and the situation in Ukraine.

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning at minute 56:00), Joel and Chris give updates on Deshaun Watson and his sexual assault case. Additionally, they talk Aaron Rogers and the Packers.

In today's Debriefing the Law, the Supreme Court is back from a brief break. Joel and Chris talk about the Supreme Court issues argued this week. Arizona v. City and County of San Francisco questions the ability to uphold or change rules from a prior administration. In 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis, a graphic designer challenges a Colorado law about public discrimination because the designer wants the ability to post a faith-based belief on her website about not wanting to provide wedding design for same-sex couples.

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning 32:15), Joel and Chris discuss the U.S. women's soccer team's settlement with the U.S. Soccer Federation regarding equal pay. They also review the latest development with Brian Flores. Lastly, they review the actions of tennis player Zverez hitting his racket on the umpire's chair and where the line is for crime and athlete aggression. 

In today's episode, Joel and Chris are joined by Scott Briscoe, a criminal lawyer who composes entertaining "Free Legal Tips" based on his client interactions. First, Joel and Chris review recent legal news, including Sarah Palin's lawsuit, the Remington Arms settlement in Sandy Hook lawsuit, and the Dallas Cowboys' voyeurism settlement. 

Next, Joel and Chris talk with Scott Briscoe about his "Free Legal Tips." Scott shares his criminal law experiences that make for both good stories and sound legal advice. 

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning at 47:20), Joel and Chris review the Super Bowl game, the highlights, and the MVPs. 

In today's episode, Joel and Chris talk recent legal news plus preview the Super Bowl. First, they review the Sarah Palin defamation case. In this case, Palin sues The New York Times for relating Palin to the shooting of Gabby Giffords. They are looking for evidence of malice that the reporters intended to blame Palin for the tragedy. Next, they give updates in the Brian Flores case. They talk about his legal team, his future career, and the Rooney Rule. 

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning at 39:30), Joel and Chris review their season picks and make Super Bowl predictions.

In today's Debriefing the Law, Joel and Chris talk through all the details of the Brian Flores lawsuit against the NFL. They review the claims of the lawsuit and whether there is merit. They discuss the claims about racism and intentional discrimination. Joel and Chris talk about hiring practices and review the Rooney Rule. They talk about the impact of this lawsuit and how it will play out in the court of public opinion. 

They also review the new name of the Washington Football Team. Lastly, they review recent games and make picks.

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