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Joel Oster reviews legal happenings, Supreme Court cases and other legal news, all with a healthy dose of humor.

Joel and Chris debrief the Supreme Court cases in review this past week. In Ramirez v. Collier, the Court debates whether a prisoner facing capital punishment can have a spiritual adviser present during the time of execution. Part of this case deals with who exactly that advisor would be or whether that adviser could lay hands on the prisoner during the execution. Next, they dig into a case in which religious rights come up against state secrets privilege. Then, they review a legal scenario in which an IVF treatment resulted in the wrong embryos being given to the wrong women. After giving birth and caring for another couple's baby for months, the families switched babies and have sued the fertility clinic for emotional damages.

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning at 46:25), Joel and Chris review the NFL season at its halfway point. They discuss rankings, playoffs, and picks for upcoming games.


In today's update, Joel breaks down the major issues facing the Supreme Court this week. In Ramirez v. Collier, the Court debates whether a prisoner facing capital punishment can have a spiritual adviser present during the time of execution. In United States v. Vaello-Madero, the Court discussed Puerto Rico's ability to receive Supplemental Security Income payments. Lastly, Joel reviews the missteps in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

In today's Debriefing the Law, Joel and Chris dig into the Supreme Court cases heard this week. First, they address Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, the case surrounding the Texas abortion ban. While on the surface it may seem this case is about the abortion issue, this case is actually about procedure and whether lawmakers can write out the ability for federal review. Next, they discuss a 100+ year old New York gun law and whether it violates the 2nd Amendment. These conversations bring analysis around how the Supreme Court will position itself with these cases.

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning 30:45), they talk about the tragedy around the Henry Ruggs III car accident. They also discuss Aaron Rodgers and his conveniently-timed Covid diagnosis for the upcoming Chiefs game. Lastly, they review and place their picks!

In today's update, Joel details how the abortion lawsuit before the Supreme Court came to be. The writing of the SB 8 abortion law that allows for private citizen enforcement works around the 11th Amendment and the 1908 Ex Parte Young case and brings to question who can challenge a law and whether there can be federal intervention here. Decision to come in the summer.

In this week's Debriefing the Law, Joel and Chris unpack recent and upcoming Supreme Court news. One of those cases is New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, involving a handgun licensing law in New York. The gun law requires an applicant for a concealed carry to show “proper cause” for a license. The Court will argue whether this violates the Second Amendment. Next, Joel and Chris discuss the abortion case before the Court regarding private citizens enforcing it. They also discuss the tragedy on the movie set in which Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed the director of photography of movie Rust. They discuss the culpability and whether there could be criminal charges. 

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning 22:10), they talk the legality and practice of NFL players giving away footballs during the game. Next, they talk about player crimes of falsely claiming injuries and getting reimbursed. They also discuss Roger Goodell and the NFL investigation into the work environment and culture of the NFL and the Washington Football Team, specifically in the treatment of women. Of course, no real change or findings come out of the investigation from the non-profit that is the NFL. Lastly, they cover teams moving cities and the defrauding involved.

In this week's Debriefing the Law, Joel and Chris cover the "state secrets" in question around the Abu Zubaydah case that went before the Supreme Court this month. Zubayah was assumed to be close with Osama bin Laden and underwent torturous interrogation techniques. The Guantanamo Bay detainee has requested information about his interrogation treatment, and the Court is weighing in on whether the federal government can shield that information from him to protect privileged information. Next, they cover the topic of court packing and the politics of confirmation proceedings. Then, Joel and Chris talk about the legality of firing someone over workplace mandates for vaccinations.

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning at minute 35:00), they revisit the "best coach" conversation. Then, they cover the recent and upcoming games and make their picks.

This week, Joel and Chris dig into the trials that have followed the Boston Marathon bombing as the case of the bomber has now appeared before the Supreme Court. After several appeals on the basis of press and a partial jury and unheard testimony, the High Court will now resolve it. Next, they cover Thompson v. Clark which questions whether a plaintiff has to wait for a favorable resolution of their case before they file a Section 1983 action.

In Courtroom Quarterback (minute 22:20), Joel and Chris address the emails of Jon Gruden and how they were used to push him out. Next, they talk coaches, both good and bad, and what makes a great coach. Lastly, they review their past and upcoming game picks!

In this week's De-Briefing the Law, Joel and Chris discuss the recent Urban Meyer debacle. Then, they dig into the return of the Supreme Court. They give takes on Justice Thomas' newfound chattiness, new SCOTUS cases, and controversial topics. They delve into a recent case dealing with gun laws in regard to felons and the role of the Court. Additionally, Joel and Chris review the controversial issues before the Court this session such as abortion and the 2nd Amendment. They also give an update on Britney Spears' conservatorship. Lastly in the Debriefing the Law portion, they review the legal side of the Gabby Petito death. Chris explains why it actually makes sense that the suspect's parents aren't talking. 

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning at minute 43:25), they review team rankings, upcoming games, and last week's picks. They also debrief the upcoming baseball play-offs.

This week on Courtroom Quarterback, Joel and Chris review the last week in football. They analyze Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers and their recent performances. Joel questions the future of his hometown team, the Chiefs. They discuss whether they can get back on track to make the playoffs again. Lastly, Joel and Chris review their predictions from last week and reflect on why they shouldn't gamble. Then, they place their bets for the coming games.

This week, Joel joins Chris from out on the open seas. They quickly debrief mask mandates as Joel notices mask-wearing trends in his international travels. They also revisit Texas abortion law as a new lawsuit has been filed. The lawsuit demonstrates how citizens are made to enforce the law, not the state. Joel and Chris review the last week in NFL games. They break down the role of the running back. And lastly, they predict wins in the upcoming games.

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