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De-Briefing the Law, Daily Update, June 11th, 2021

Two Senators want to know the Supreme Court Justices' travel history, probably because they didn't want to miss bingo night at the casino. The Court decides what qualifies as a "violent felony" in the Armed Criminal Care Act. And finally, Joel gives a preview of some of the biggest Supreme Court decisions still to come.

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Debriefing the Law, Daily Update, June 9th, 2021

It's officially Supreme Court Sweeps Season! This means June will be full of Supreme Court decisions and updates that we are happy to report so you can stay up to date on breaking news in the legal landscape. 

In today's update, we talk about SCOTUS decisions around computer abuse at work, the Court denying to weigh in on women in combat, and the future of abortion law.

Stay tuned to Comedian of Law this month as we continue to update you on major Supreme Court news!

Mackenzie Smith is back on Comedian of Law! She updates us on her run for public office as district judge. Joel tests her judicial skills on some new wacky cases such as the murder of an iguana!? Joel and Mackenzie also debrief recent Supreme Court cases. They discuss the weighty implications of the word "so," police officers taking bribes, and whether students can be disciplined for their speech and social media usage outside of school.

In this episode, Joel and Mackenzie review the following Supreme Court cases:

- Van Buren v. United States, discussing the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act and officer bribes

- Denver Bible Church v. Polis, discussing church Covid policy and what cases should go before the Supreme Court 

- Mahanoy Area School District v. B.L, discussing the First Amendment based on a teen cheerleader's Snapchat language that led to her being cut from her team

- Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, discussing religious rights, discrimination, and foster care 

Our favorite return guest, Scott Briscoe, is back with more hilarious free legal tips. Scott gives us an inside look into his legal practice in West Virginia and all of the wild stories he encounters there. He documents his cases by dishing out "Free Legal Tips" based on real interactions with his clients. In this episode, Joel and Scott discuss why it's not a good idea to flash your significant other in court, how there is a need for more sex and medical education for clients, and why offering a police officer pills isn't your best move. To avoid these legal blunders and get a good laugh, listen to Scott's sage advice in this episode!

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This week, Joel and Amy take up a recent Supreme Court case around a cheerleader who was suspended from her team for dropping F-bombs on her Snapchat. They discuss the legal merits, 1st Amendment rights, and whether the punishment was just. Next, a women was pulled over and found out she was a wanted felon for not returning a VHS tape in the 90s. Makes us wonder how many of us are unsuspecting felons with forgotten library books and unreturned movies. Finally, Joel and Amy preview an upcoming Supreme Court case about guns in the state of New York.

This week, Joel is joined by Taly Goody. She is an attorney, firm owner, and social media mentor. Taly shares her story of opening her own law firm and transitioning from employment to business ownership. She gives sage advice on how to take the leap into doing your own thing. Taly also gives us an inside look into her social media practice and how she uses TikTok to inspire the next generation of lawyers!

Listen for Taly's great insight on legal matters, firm ownership, and using social media as a tool to engage with clients and aspiring lawyers alike.

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In this episode, Joel interviews Bo Shuff, the executive director of DC Vote. Whether or not the District of Colombia should be a state has been a hot topic recently given the House vote over DC statehood last week. The statehood bill passed in the House and awaits Senate examination. Bo shares the history of DC and makes the case for why DC should be a state. Bo and Joel discuss the civil rights components of statehood, taxation without representation, and more on this episode! 

This episode is full of interesting insight on statehood! Give it a listen!

To learn more about DC Vote and Bo Shuff, check out:

DC Vote: 

Bo's Twitter: 

This week, Joel is joined again by Amy Frances Lemanski. To kick off the episode, Joel tests Amy on her legal movie knowledge by reviewing iconic Hollywood courtroom scenes. Plus,  they talk strange idioms and expletives in the courtroom. Then, Joel and Amy review the most recent updates on the Supreme Court and court packing. They give their updated takes on the Deshaun Watson case. And to close, Joel tests some stand-up comedy bits on Amy.

This episode, Joel is talking with Paul Brennan, an Australian lawyer and legal humorist. 

Joel and Paul discuss life in Australia, Paul’s career, and legal humor. Paul gives us an overview of his 101 Reasons to Kill All the Lawyers, Paul’s legal blog and book that detail humorous legal scenarios and advice. Joel and Paul also discuss the difference between Australia and America, in both law and life. 

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This episode, Joel is joined again by Amy Francis Lemanski to debrief the law this week.

It was an eventful week at the Supreme Court. Joel and Amy talk about NCAA v Alston. This case argues whether student athletes should be compensated within the NCAA. They talk about “amateurism,” the education system, and what it means to neglect to pay the players the NCAA is making millions off of. They give updates on Google v. Oracle and whether Java code can be copyright protected.

Additionally, Amy updates us on her botox experience and Joel tells about car buying adventure. 

Listen to catch up on the major SCOTUS and legal news of the week!

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