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This week, Comedian of Law interviews Alexandra Sabalier. Alexandra was born and raised in Puerto Rico, is as an attorney at law in the Washington D.C. Bar, and is currently a resident of Berlin, Germany. As a travel-lover and expat herself, Alexandra has learned the ins and outs of tax and immigration and offers her legal expertise to world travelers on these topics.

In this episode, Joel and Alexandra discuss Alexandra's career as an international tax and U.S. immigration lawyer. She also gives us an inside look at what it's like to live in Berlin— from the German opinion of America to their approach to Covid and the holidays. Alexandra is a wealth of information on the legal side of international living. Listen to learn more about international tax law, Alexandra's career journey, and living abroad. 


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Comedian of Law is all about finding the intersection between humor and the law, which is why we were thrilled to interview Negin Yazdani. Negin is an in-house lawyer in the video game industry and stand-up comedian on the side.

In this episode, Joel and Negin discuss Negin's career path, what it means to negotiate, and the day-to-day of an in-house lawyer. With her experience in comedy, Negin has learned how to find the funny in life, even in the more unpleasant things. Listen as she and Joel discuss how to find humor when it seems elusive, how personal experiences make for good jokes, and how spaces like law and business can benefit from comedy. 

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De-Briefing the Law, Daily Update, Dec. 15th, 2020

Yesterday, Attorney General Bill Barr turned in his resignation. He couldn’t stick it out one month longer. Not sure we blame him. Also, yesterday, the Electoral College casted their votes for our president and Joe Biden won. Again. Will this be the end of election lawsuits? It’s too soon to tell. However, it isn’t too soon to call Jill Biden by her deserved title of Dr. Biden. Though, I can’t help but wonder if lawyers feel a bit slighted by not getting to go by doctor even with their juris-doctor degree. Oh well.

What a week to debrief! Don’t mess with Texas, or they’ll sue in you in the Supreme Court. Texas files a lawsuit against 4 states at the US Supreme Court. Talk about your last minute Hail Mary pass. Plus, Facebook is apparently a big company. The FTC and several states have sued Facebook for anti-trust violations. 

In this episode, Joel and Mackenzie dive into the standing and merits of the Texas lawsuit, original jurisdiction, and the implications if the Court takes up this case. Mackenzie is on fire this episode with her hot takes. So much so, her fire alarm goes off, forcing her building to evacuate mid-recording. Don't miss this fiery episode as Joel and Mackenzie unpack all of the major issues of the law this week.

Darren Heitner is a sports and contract lawyer, contributor to Above the Law, creator of Sports Agent Blog, and adjunct professor. Darren has worked with a multitude of professional athletes and with his motto of "Just Do Something," he has amassed an impressive career portfolio within the sports law world. 

In this episode, Joel taps into Darren's wealth of knowledge about sports and the law. They discuss Darren's alma mater University of Florida's sports legacy, how one ends up in sports law, and the impact of Covid in professional sports. Additionally, Joel and Darren give their takes on popular sports law cases.

This episode is for all you sports fans out there. 


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De-Briefing the Law, Daily Update, Dec. 8th, 2020

We all know the Hail Mary is a desperate play in football when the quarterback throws the ball high into the endzone and just hopes for the best. Well, it seems as though the Trump team is playing their Hail Mary with the attempt to halt the vote certification process of the election results in Pennsylvania. Time is running out on these election lawsuits with the electoral college meeting on December 14th. Also, a woman gave birth while taking the bar exam! Listen to the Update for the details.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued Covid restrictions that appeared before the Supreme Court in Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn v. Cuomo. This case dealt with attendance restrictions for churches compared to the restrictions imposed on other businesses in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic. Joel Oster and Mackenzie Smith discuss the grounds of the restrictions, where Cuomo went wrong, and Covid fatigue. 

This episode gives an overview of recent Supreme Court rulings, election lawsuits, and debriefs a federal lawsuit against "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Erika Jayne's husband.



De-Briefing the Law, Daily Update, Dec. 3rd, 2020

Yesterday, Trump addressed the nation from the White House. He made comments that if he was right about the election fraud, Biden couldn’t be president. Our concern is his use of “if I’m right.” You are supposed to file a lawsuit because you have facts, not because you have hope. Allegedly, Trump is using all of this as steam for a 2024 campaign. Additionally, the Supreme Court heard arguments of Ramos v. Louisiana last week. The court ruled that there is a right to an unanimous jury. Now the question is whether that will apply retroactively to cases in which the jury was not unanimous. 

De-Briefing the Law, Daily Update, Dec. 2nd, 2020

Yesterday, U.S. Attorney General William Barr issued a statement that there is no substantial voter fraud that could change the election results. Meanwhile, Trump and his legal team are still pressing forward on their allegations, claiming the DOJ hasn’t investigated at all. Also, anyone else notice the resemblance between Giuliani and Grandpa Munster?

De-Briefing the Law, Daily Update, Dec, 1st, 2020

With the FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, stepping down, the conversation about net neutrality has sparked again. Apparently net neutrality has nothing to do with tennis which is a disappointment. However, net neutrality does make it possible for equal treatment from internet service providers. On a related note, we have also seen Big Tech step into a role that is not as neutral as it is supposed to be. 

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