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Joel Oster reviews legal happenings, Supreme Court cases and other legal news, all with a healthy dose of humor.

In today's de-briefing the law, Joel and Chris review the Ghislaine Maxwell trial verdict. She is found guilty of 5 of the 6 charges against her. They discuss the fallout and who may be next to be exposed to be involved with the Epstein/Maxwell trafficking. Next, they talk about Kimberly Potter, the police officer who mistook her gun for her taser and shot someone. Joel and Chris discuss the facts of the case and whether reasonable doubt exists. Finally, they dig into recent Supreme Court news, including the review of Donald Trump and his role in the January 6 insurrection and Biden's vaccination requirements.

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning 40:30), Joel and Chris talk about the SEC and recent games. They talk about John Madden and his legacy. Lastly, they make their picks for upcoming games.

In today's episode, Chris interviews Joel on his new book, UnDue Process: Exposing the Good, the Bad, and the Funny of the Law.

They give an overview of the book which uses hilarious legal commentary, a look at some wild attorney behavior, and a review of strange court cases to uncover the true role of the law with a dose of humor. They dig into some of the crazy stories in the book and share their own wacky experiences in their legal practices.

Additionally, Joel and Chris discuss overarching legal concepts like a lawyers' reputation for lying and how the "not guilty" plea perpetuates this idea. This brings conversations about the purpose of the law, the Supreme Court, and how the law fails us. 

Read more about the book here. It's available for purchase on Amazon now. 

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning 53:55), Joel and Chris give an overview of a handful of legal cases regarding sports fans suing for their money back after an event went awry. They talk playoffs and end of the season NFL games. They make their picks for upcoming games.

In today’s de-briefing of the law, Joel and Chris review the O.J. Simpson case in light of his release from parole. They discuss his case in light of his football career and the information about CTE and violent tendencies. Next, they review the Supreme Court decision for the Texas abortion law in Jackson v. Dobbs. The case dealt with procedure and how exactly the law could be challenged. Lastly, they give updates on the Elizabeth Holmes fraud trial and Ghislaine Maxwell trials.

In Courtroom Quarterback (starting at 33:00), Joel and Chris talk about Urban Meyer being fired and more coaching changes. Lastly, they make picks for upcoming games.

In today's Debriefing of the Law, Joel and Chris review the week's major legal news. First, they go over the Jussie Smollett case. They discuss his charges, hate crimes, and the role of a criminal defense attorney. They also give status updates on the Holmes and Maxwell trials. 

Next, they review the Supreme Court arguments heard this week. First up is the Carson v. Mankin case which deals with religious rights and whether a state violates constitutional clauses by not allowing students to direct government student aid money to a religious school. They review the Establishment Clause and the entanglement of state and religion. Next, they review Shinn v. Ramirez. This cases deals with the death penalty and the policy around habeas relief if there were flaws within the original trial.

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning at 33:30), Joel and Chris review the playoff rankings. They talk about bowl games and coaches changing teams. They analyze a play in the Pittsburgh vs. Wake Forest game involving a fake slide. Lastly, they make their predictions for the upcoming games.

In this week’s De-Briefing the Law, Joel and Chris go over the major legal news stories of the week from Ghislaine Maxwell to Jussie Smollett to Dobbs v. Jackson. They review the recent trial news and evidence against Maxwell. They give an overview of Smollett’s staged crime as a publicity stunt and his charges for lying to the police. Next, they discuss Elizabeth Holmes’ fraud trial and whether her co-founder had manipulated her. 

Joel and Chris review the Supreme Court case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization which deals with abortion and whether Roe v. Wade should be overturned. They go over various issues like viability, bodily autonomy, and how pro-life policy should include a more holistic approach. Additionally, this discuss the role of the Court, its power, and whether abortion would be a constitutional right.

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning 48:05), Joel and Chris talk college football, coaches Kelly and Riley shifting teams, and the SEC. Lastly, they make their picks for the upcoming games.

In this episode of De-Briefing the Law, Joel and Chris discuss the Ghislaine Maxwell trial and Jeffrey Epstein. The trial explores Maxwell's involvement with Epstein's sex trafficking of young girls. A poignant question in this case is whose name is written in the "black book" and who exactly is involved given that many high-profile individuals have been linked to Epstein and Maxwell. Next, they discuss the Elizabeth Holmes trial and the fraud involved with Theranos.

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning 32:00), Joel and Chris discuss Thanksgiving games and rivalries. Next, they talk about rankings and the College Football Playoffs. Finally, they review their predictions for the coming games.

In this week's Debriefing the Law, Joel and Chris discuss the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. They discuss the facts of the case, the media coverage, and the trial itself. They dig into surrounding circumstances around the trial with protests and whether jury intimidation exists. Next, they review the burden of proof for self-defense and provocation. They also go over the prosecutor’s mistakes and the possibility of a mistrial. 

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning at 44:40), Joel and Chris discuss John Gruden’s lawsuit against Roger Goodell and the NFL. The lawsuit involves the Washington Football Team’s work environment and the emails involved. Lastly, they go over recent and upcoming games.

Joel and Chris debrief the Supreme Court cases in review this past week. In Ramirez v. Collier, the Court debates whether a prisoner facing capital punishment can have a spiritual adviser present during the time of execution. Part of this case deals with who exactly that advisor would be or whether that adviser could lay hands on the prisoner during the execution. Next, they dig into a case in which religious rights come up against state secrets privilege. Then, they review a legal scenario in which an IVF treatment resulted in the wrong embryos being given to the wrong women. After giving birth and caring for another couple's baby for months, the families switched babies and have sued the fertility clinic for emotional damages.

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning at 46:25), Joel and Chris review the NFL season at its halfway point. They discuss rankings, playoffs, and picks for upcoming games.


In today's update, Joel breaks down the major issues facing the Supreme Court this week. In Ramirez v. Collier, the Court debates whether a prisoner facing capital punishment can have a spiritual adviser present during the time of execution. In United States v. Vaello-Madero, the Court discussed Puerto Rico's ability to receive Supplemental Security Income payments. Lastly, Joel reviews the missteps in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

In today's Debriefing the Law, Joel and Chris dig into the Supreme Court cases heard this week. First, they address Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, the case surrounding the Texas abortion ban. While on the surface it may seem this case is about the abortion issue, this case is actually about procedure and whether lawmakers can write out the ability for federal review. Next, they discuss a 100+ year old New York gun law and whether it violates the 2nd Amendment. These conversations bring analysis around how the Supreme Court will position itself with these cases.

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning 30:45), they talk about the tragedy around the Henry Ruggs III car accident. They also discuss Aaron Rodgers and his conveniently-timed Covid diagnosis for the upcoming Chiefs game. Lastly, they review and place their picks!

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