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Joel Oster reviews legal happenings, Supreme Court cases and other legal news, all with a healthy dose of humor.

In today's podcast episode, Joel and Chris review the turnout and results of the midterms. Next, they lean into the comedy of Comedian of Law and talk about when it might be time to consider a new lawyer... like when your lawyer has a tip jar on their desk or a side gig as an Uber driver. Turning back to legal news, they review some changes and challenges that may come about due to the election results. They also review the Respect for Marriage Act. 

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning minute 38:10), Joel and Chris review the season of the NFL so far and make predictions for games to come.

In today's podcast, Joel and Chris review the election process and the emerging lawsuits coming from this year's voting season. They talk ballot harvesting and protecting the right to vote. Next, Joel and Chris play Deal or No Deal and review some interesting court cases. 

Lastly, Joel is joined by comedian and lawyer Cary Phillips. They play a clip of Cary's comedy and review the comedic processes. Joel and Cary discuss the industry of comedy, what it takes to create funny jokes, and when comedy gets "too edgy."

In Courtroom Quarterback (Beginning minute 1:25:30), Joel and Chris talk quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Then, they review NFL games and picks.

In today's episode, Joel and Chris discuss election season, affirmative action, and sports. They review the recent Supreme Court case around Harvard's and University of North Carolina's potential discriminative admissions. They debate diversity and how to define it. Next, they talk Trump's tax returns before the Supreme Court.

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning minute 43:45), Joel and Chris talk recent sports news and college playoff rankings. They review conferences and TV payouts. Lastly, they review NFL picks. 

In today's podcast, Joel and Chris discuss Garvey v. City of New York which deals with city workers who were fired for not being vaccinated. They discuss the inconsistencies of vaccine mandate orders and the firing of these employees. Next, they talk Lindsey Graham and his subpoena to testify about Georgia elections. 

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning minute 35:55), Joel and Chris talk college playoffs and NFL. 

In today's podcast episode, Joel and Chris talk about the Supreme Court rejection of Trump's request for a special master in the Mar-a-lago case. They talk about humor in the courtroom and the right to engage in parody. They review recent case Novak v. City of Parma dealing with a joke at the expense of the police and the Onion's amicus brief in response to the case that skillfully mixes law and humor. They also talk Ted Cruz's campaign financing. 

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning minute 48:15), Joel and Chris review the latest from the NFL.

In today's podcast episode, Joel and Chris discuss a Supreme Court case about keeping pigs in cages and Tom Brady's pending divorce. First, they talk celebrities in the legal news including Alex Jones' $1 billion fine. Next, they talk about a case that the Supreme Court dismissed regarding the personhood of a fetus. Joel and Chris review SCOTUS practices, including a case about pigs and interstate commerce. They draw a parallel to what this case could mean for abortion. Then, they talk about Andy Warhol's portraits of Prince and public use rights. 

In Courtroom Quarterback (minute 45:20), Joel and Chris review the latest from the NFL.

In today's podcast, Joel and Chris discuss the Oath Keepers trial surrounding the January 6 events. They define Oath Keepers and debate whether the event constitutes an insurrection. Was it an attempt to overthrow the government? Do the opening statements of the trial reflect the events of the day? Next, they talk about Dolphins Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, his concussion, and protocol. Then, they revisit Merrill v. Milligan as the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on this case surrounding political redistricting. Lastly, Joel and Chris talk about Trump's request for Supreme Court intervention in Mar-a-Lago documents case. 

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning minute 54:00), they talk Aaron Judge's historic home run and the price of the ball. Then, they review their NFL game picks. 

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In today's podcast, Joel and Chris review recent legal news including a fraud allegation facing Brett Favre. They review the stories surrounding Favre and question the journalism. Next, they preview new Supreme Court case Merrill v. Milligan that covers gerrymandering and discrimination in congressional mapping. They also review the legal case Costanza v. Seinfeld in which Michael Costanza alleges that Seinfeld based the unflattering character of George Costanza after him. In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning at minute 38:00), Joel and Chris review latest NFL games & pick their winners for the week. 


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In today's podcast episode, Joel and Chris dig into NetChoice v. Paxton. They talk freedom  of speech and social media censorship. The question is posed whether platforms should be able to remove content and under what pretenses? Next, Joel is joined by legal analyst Dr. Tracy Pearson to break down the legal side and responsibilities of King Charles III in the shifts in the monarchy in Great Britain. In a new segment "Attorneys Gone Wild," Joel and Chris discuss the limits of candor in the courtroom after a recent outburst. 

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning minute 42:30), Joel and Chris review the latest in the NFL and make picks for the coming week. They end discussing baseball and the current season. 

Today, Joel is joined by Scott Edwards, serial entrepreneur and comedy industry veteran. Scott gives us an inside look into the comedy industry and famous comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, and Robin Williams. Scott breaks down the role of a comedian and even draws a link between the skill sets of a lawyer and a comedian. Listen as Scott shares some of his favorite comedy stories. 

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