Today, Joel is joined by Dr. Tracy Pearson who is teaming up Comedian of Law as a Legal Analyst. Dr. Tracy will periodically join Joel to debrief the latest legal happenings with her sharp analysis. In today's episode, Joel and Dr. Tracy talk about the most impactful legal cases of the past year. Dr. Tracy explains Britney Spears' conservatorship from the framework of her own experience in guardianship law. Next, they talk Depp v. Heard and the abuse that took place. They review Kennedy v. Bremerton, the power differential, and religious rights. Lastly, they talk Dobbs v. Jackson which overturned Roe v. Wade. Dr. Tracy and Joel discuss their frustrations and the extreme viewpoints that have dominated the conversation around abortion.  


We are excited to have Dr. Tracy Pearson join the Comedian of Law podcast. 

You can find her here:



Law and Crime

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