This week, Joel interviews Molly Parmer. Molly owns a law firm in Atlanta that handles high-stakes criminal cases, predominately in federal court, with a focus on sex crimes, violent crimes, drug crimes, and weapons violations. Known for her tenacity, Molly fights for the accused and their rights to an excellent defense. Listen  for insight into the justice system from an expereinced criminal defense attorney.

In this episode, Joel and Molly talk about Molly’s untraditional upbringing and what led to her career in law. She gives an inside look at being a criminal lawyer and what it takes to defend high-stakes cases, including sharing her wildest case that took her to Bosnia. Joel and Molly talk about why everyone deserves defense— no matter what they are accused of. They also give their legal takes on recent stories like the Capitol attack and Aunt Becky’s college admission scandal. 


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