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Joel Oster reviews legal happenings, Supreme Court cases and other legal news, all with a healthy dose of humor.

In today's podcast, Joel & Chris dive into religious freedom in the workplace. They review Civil Rights Act, Title VII and what "undue hardship" qualifies as. They talk the latest Supreme Court case, Groff v. DeJoy, that covers the topic by questioning whether a postal worker should be able to have Sundays off based on religion. Next, they talk about the rape victim who was ordered to pay $150,000 to family of her rapist that she killed. 

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning at minute 29:00), Joel and Chris break down NFL week 2. They talk about the firing of Nebraska's coach and who may replace him. Lastly, they review NFL games and make their picks for the upcoming week. 

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In today's podcast, Joel and Chris talk about the Nirvana lawsuit surrounding the baby depicted on the album cover. They give the latest updates on the Trump raid, discussing the merit and role of the special master to oversee the proceedings surrounding the search. 

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning minute 24:50), Chris and Joel talk the Britt Reid plea deal. They review the latest in the PGA versus LIV golf tour and anti-competitive behavior. They break down the new college football play-off structure and conference impact. Lastly, they talk NFL game picks.

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In today's podcast, Joel interviews employment lawyer, Lauren Abrams. Lauren shares her story from rock bottom to lawyer and sharer of hope. Her podcast, 52 Weeks of Hope, emerged from conversations about purpose and meaning. She shares her learnings and wisdom on how to get through tough times. She and Joel talk about finding what it is you're supposed to do in life, including mixing legal careers with passion projects. 

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In today's podcast, Joel and Chris debrief the week's legal news. They start by going over the latest in Trump's Mar-a-Lago search and the role of the warrant. Next, they talk about student loan forgiveness. They discuss whether the President actually holds the power to forgive these loans and whether or not it's fair. By reviewing the Heroes Act, Joel and Chris break down how Biden was able to implement the loan bailout without Congress. Next, they talk about the jury awarding money to Kobe Bryant's widow due to images shared from the tragic crash that killed Bryant and their daughter.

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning minute 37:40), Joel and Chris talk sports, starting with Djokovic's absence in the U.S. Open due to being unvaccinated. Next, they talk NFL, Baker Mayfield, and quarterbacks. 

In today's podcast episode, Joel and Chris review recent legal news, starting with Deshaun Watson's suspension. They dig into the FBI "raid" of Mar-A-Lago and the Trump search. Joel and Chris talk about the legal process that goes into the search and the political fallout. They debate on how documents get declassified. Next, they talk about the LIV and PGA golf tour saga. They break down monopolies and antitrust law in relation to golf competition. Then, they explore the Alex Jone's lawsuits, defamation, and his lawyers' shortcomings. 

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning at minute 52:00), they talk sports gambling and involving listeners in NFL season picks!


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In today's episode, Joel and Chris talk all things recent sports law. First, they talk about Brittney Griner's sentence in Russia and a potential trade to bring her back to the U.S. Next, they talk about the latest in Deshaun Watson's situation, including the NFL's approach and Watson's suspension. Speaking of the NFL, they also talk about Brian Flores allegations against the Dolphins about tanking and tampering. Lastly, they talk about LIV Golf and the antitrust lawsuit against PGA. 

Today, Joel is joined by Dr. Tracy Pearson who is teaming up Comedian of Law as a Legal Analyst. Dr. Tracy will periodically join Joel to debrief the latest legal happenings with her sharp analysis. In today's episode, Joel and Dr. Tracy talk about the most impactful legal cases of the past year. Dr. Tracy explains Britney Spears' conservatorship from the framework of her own experience in guardianship law. Next, they talk Depp v. Heard and the abuse that took place. They review Kennedy v. Bremerton, the power differential, and religious rights. Lastly, they talk Dobbs v. Jackson which overturned Roe v. Wade. Dr. Tracy and Joel discuss their frustrations and the extreme viewpoints that have dominated the conversation around abortion.  


We are excited to have Dr. Tracy Pearson join the Comedian of Law podcast. 

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Law and Crime

Should America trade LeBron James for Brittney Griner? After the Laker's performance last year, she would definitely be an upgrade. Plus the litigants in the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard trial all confused a 77 year old juror for a 52 year old juror. Dick Clark would be proud. Joel and Chris debate these issues, plus rag on Kevin Durant in today's episode.

In today's podcast, Joel and Chris discussing the overturning of Roe v. Wade in Dobbs v. Jackson. They discuss the right to bodily autonomy and the implications of the argument for when life begins. Next, they discuss Justice Thomas' comments and original intent. 

In another Supreme Court case Kennedy v. Bremerton, they discuss the decision about the praying football coach. They refer to Tim Tebow and break down the "heckler's veto."  

In Courtroom Quarterback (beginning at minute 40:45), Joel and Chris talk about DeShaun Watson and the NFL's inconsistent punishments. They also talk the greatest NFL coaches.

In today's podcast, Joel and Chris review the big week at the Supreme Court. Additionally, Joel interviews Danny Karon, Your Lovable Lawyer, about lawyer wellness. 

First, Joel and Chris review the Second Amendment and the 6-3 ruling that protected the right to bear arms in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen. Next in Carson v. Makin, the Court rules that public funding can be used at religious schools. Joel and Chris review the implications. 

Next, Joel talks with Danny Karon about his legal career journey and how lawyers can be problem-solvers that genuinely serve people. Danny explains the concept of legal wellness and his mission to make justice and legal insight more accessible. He reviews how his work with Your Lovable Lawyer can educate people on both personal legal needs and some of the prominent legal issues of the last couple years like vaccine law and Depp v. Heard

Lastly, in Courtroom Quarterback (beginning at 1:23:00), Joel and Chris talk recent sports news including Roger Goodell's recent drama with Barstool founder. 

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